TrypsNetDB database accomodates experimentally verified as well as predicted protein interactions for trypanosomatid parasites.

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Latest updates

Multiple functional annotaiton modules are now added to the database.
Database now supports several Leishmania species including L. major strain Friedlin, L. infantum, L. donovani, L. mexicana, L. braziliensis, L. arabica, and L. enriettii species.
Databse now supports several Trypanosoma species including T. brucei, T. cruzi, T. vivax, and T. evansi species.

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We encourage the researchers in the field of trypanosomatids to contact us about their published protein-interaction data. So we can incorporate the data in the database, making it widely accessible to the field. By design, the related references will be acknowledged on the protein-interaction reports. Please contact us for more details here.


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Gazestani et al., PLoS NTD 2016.
"A Protein Complex Map of Trypanosoma brucei"